For far too long, the value of PR & comms has been called into question. We are here to challenge the status quo, disrupt the media evaluation industry and elevate PR & comms by generating valuable insights and showing exactly how they drive organisational results and real business outcomes.

Metricomm’s analysis is fit for today’s online media consumption. Uniquely, we start by determining the size of audience likely to have seen, read and engaged with media coverage.  Combining this with independent data sets such as search, website analytics, TV viewing and purchases; and using AI to identify the themes, topics and issues that are driving response enables us to determine the real effectiveness of PR & comms together with its actual impact on key business outcomes such as consumer behaviour, sales and share price.

The result is a unique ability to identify the true effectiveness of media coverage – which is significantly more powerful than previously realised – and gain in-depth understanding of how best to achieve it.